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October 18 2013

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Thank you. Christoph S. for donating a
CNC Milling machine GoCNC Hobby A4 Advanced
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testing water spray
(cooling agent/lubricant)
tube with circular nozzles

October 01 2013

September 07 2013

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Fail collections - now for the machining technicans around us

August 02 2013

OH @MetalabVie: You probably can put a few 5mm wooden boards on their CNC cage, ours can handle a truck!
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July 26 2013

Our new cnc-housing at HeavyMachinery 
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December 19 2012

Metalab+PCB+Uniqx+Amir+Hetti+CNC = Shuriken
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October 29 2012

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Tom's RepRap will get this huge heated build platform. He used the CNC to mill the path for the heating wire into a sandwich panel made of Al and PE. A ceramic-like filler will be applied then one or the other layer and finally the glas plate.
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October 06 2012

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The other evening at the heavy machinery dept
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September 30 2012

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Hang in there, brave little drill!

When you need some holes but your 1mm drill bit doesn't fit into the Kress and the Dremel doesn't fit into the tool holder then a young talent has to be employed.
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September 08 2012

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Übungsfräser-Set von www.cnc-step.at
zu unglaublich günstigem Preis
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Phobos at work
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Phobos at work
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Phobos at work

September 07 2012

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Phobos at work
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August 31 2012

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CNC drilled holes on Phobos' test PCB
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CNC drilled holes on Phobos' test PCB
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August 18 2012

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