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September 08 2012

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Übungsfräser-Set von www.cnc-step.at
zu unglaublich günstigem Preis
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Phobos at work
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Phobos at work
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Phobos at work

September 07 2012

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Phobos at work
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August 31 2012

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CNC drilled holes on Phobos' test PCB
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CNC drilled holes on Phobos' test PCB
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August 18 2012

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The story of the CNC at @metalabvienna continues… --@anlumo1

August 16 2012

The CNC at @metalabvienna is alive!
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Anprobe | fitting the CNC
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The robust frame for the CNC table / enclosure is almost finished.
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September 21 2011

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a soldered down TLC5940 (LED Controller) in HTSSOP28 Package, PCB made by CNC!
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the milled board (a QFN Package here)
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Now we can make even more cool things!
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August 26 2011

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... fertigt Martin seine Zahnstocher selbst
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August 02 2011

After some electrical failures with the controller of our @geilomat, resulting in broken stepping motor driver ICs, the CNC milling machine now gets a new control board together with an improved wiring – and a stylish case. @bernhardkubicek
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May 27 2011


I have adopted Crysn's new PCB2Gcode version for out CNC mill. The eagle board file conversion scripts seem to work, and are available at the link above.
Currently, this does not work with the stock version of pcb2gcode.
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April 30 2011

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ARC 3D is a webservice, where you can upload sequences of photos of a 3d object, and it will create a 3d model out of it. There exists previous software for that, e.g. photomodeler, which cost a hell lot of money.
There is a nice gallery.

Testing it right now.

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