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May 27 2011


I have adopted Crysn's new PCB2Gcode version for out CNC mill. The eagle board file conversion scripts seem to work, and are available at the link above.
Currently, this does not work with the stock version of pcb2gcode.
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April 30 2011

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ARC 3D is a webservice, where you can upload sequences of photos of a 3d object, and it will create a 3d model out of it. There exists previous software for that, e.g. photomodeler, which cost a hell lot of money.
There is a nice gallery.

Testing it right now.

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February 16 2011

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Holder for the @metalab Chemistry Lab. Milled in acryl, using the geilomat CNC mill.
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Yesterday, I started creating a c++ classs to read stl files, ascii+binary. I wand to create a command-line tool to project them in some direction, and create a 16bit grayscale height map. Then, it should be easier to CNC stuff.
Maybe if there is time I will create a routine that, based on a grayscale heightmap, will create toolpaths.
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January 31 2011

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Three LCD-Panel -> Arduino connectors, milled using Geilomat. Left side the 16 lcd pins, right +-, E R/S, Data4-7 in one row, can be used to connect two double wires and a quad-wire, or a one 2x and one 6x wire...
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New mill heads for future cool CNC stuff. 6 and3mm spherical heads, 6, 4 and 3 mm flat end. HSS.
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January 29 2011

2385 5835 500
rfm12 adapter pcbs, for testing atmega interfaces. No clue if it works...
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January 27 2011

0172 350e 500
Shaving soap cup cover. Milled using the @metalab bridge mill aka Geilomat.
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January 20 2011

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Shaving soap cup. Milled using the @metalab bridge mill aka Geilomat.

I made a small c++ program, that reads an input file. In it, you can specify tool diameters, tool shapes, and segmentwise defined math functions as text, that define the intended mill depth depending on the radius. Tool shape is respected.
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I made a small c++ program, that reads an input file. In it, you can specify tool diameters, tool shapes, and segmentwise defined functions, that define the depth depending on the radius.Small problem still with round-head mill heads, as visible on the steep flank.
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December 22 2010

December 21 2010

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CNCed Buche.
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December 18 2010

fryer modification: bottom side...some copper is pealed away for better isolation. Between 220V and 5V side, a hell lot of unconnected ziz-zag wires made an initial isolation distance. The copper is coverer by "Plastic 50" spray, for better security.click image for sources
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9382 dea9 500
PCB for the deep fryer sous vide modification.
220 ->5V module, 220V 12A switching circuit (Moc3043+BTA12), Atmega168, LCD, rotary encoder, two pt1000 amplified by an opamp
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December 16 2010

December 11 2010

4411 ef24 500
Layerbot Beta 1.1  button array, now created with a 0.6mm millhead for the first time.
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December 10 2010

1976 03da
Halt die Fräse!
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December 05 2010

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My robot that took part in the roboexotica cocktail robotics festival 2010 in Vienna/Austria.
It has three self-designed peristaltic pumps that are CNCed using the mill at the hackerspace metalab in Vienna. Also, some lasercutter was involved..
So basically, each liquid, Kahlua, Baileys, Cointreau are pumped by one pump. The upper platforms is controlled by a servo in a way that the outlets of the silicone hoses are exactly above the surface level of the liquid in the glass, leading to minimal turbulence and mixing. Result: a neatly layered B52.
The idea was inspired by a roboxotica ~ 2004, but only now I had the machinery to create it. After a week of starting to build it, I found that there is already a machine that works similarly : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcxBLU... A bit of a downturn, after all the work, but still, was nice to build it..
Took three weeks to get it up and running, and further improvements are necessary to make it fully automatized.
Some build history is available @ http://bernhardkubicek.soup.io/
Original is filmed by Matt Pinner in 3D (thanks!)
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November 29 2010

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